on the homepage of the EC-project muFly, which aims to develop a fully autonomous helicopter comparable in size and weight to a small bird.

The project has been completed by 30th November 2009.


[30 Nov 2009] New movies on "Video"

[23 May 2009] ALU-FR Rewarded: best conference paper award at ICRA2009 for the paper with title "Towards a Navigation System for Autonomous Indoor Flying" (Slawomir Grzonka, Giorgio Grisetti, Wolfram Burgard)

[22 April 2009] Two muFly papers accepted for the  2nd International Symposium on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Link)
[06 April 2009] muFly paper accepted for the 35th European Rotorcraft Forum

[5 March 2009]  The final prototype of muFly micro helicopter is now assembled and tested. Mufly is equipped with miniature sensors and processing capabilities, allowing it to reach high levels of autonomy.
The micro omnidirectional camera and the Inertial Measurement Unit were specifically designed for this project, opening the way to autonomous obstacle avoidance and navigation.

[17 Nov 2008]    muFly paper accepted for the 65th Forum of the American
Helicopter Society

[16 Nov 2008]    TV coverage on muFly
[10 Nov 2008] New movie of flying "muFly"

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